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Halloween Essential Oil DIYs! Roller recipes, spray recipes & diffuser blends - oh my!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Fall is my favorite season... sweaters, boots, cooler weather, cozy socks - I just love it all! Halloween is no exception to that! This year Halloween may look a little different than it normally does but that won't stop us from having some fun, am I right?!

I put together 5 roller recipes, a few spray bottle recipes and a ton of diffuser blends that I think you'll love! These are a fast & fun DIYs that also make awesome gifts! ...And if you have a sweet tooth, head over and check out these Monster Cookies!

Happy Mummy (anti-witchy blend)

6 drops Wild Orange

6 drops Serenity®

6 drops Lavender

6 drops Balance®

6 drops Citrus Bliss®

FCO to fill

Roll on Wrists and over the heart to hide the witch.


Sleep Like The Dead (Sleep Blend)

15 drops Lavender

10 drops Cedarwood

5 drops Copaiba

FCO to fill

Roll on wrists and bottoms of feet before bed.


Stop The Apocalypse (Immune Supporting Blend)

10 drops On Guard®

10 drops Lemon

3 drops Oregano

3 drops Tea Tree

FCO to fill

Roll on the bottoms of feet or along the spine morning and evening.


Hocus Pocus Focus (Focus Blend)

10 drops Peppermint

10 drops Rosemary

FCO to fill

Roll on temples and wrists when you need to focus.


Batty Belly (Tummy Tamer)

10 drops DigestZen®

10 drops Wild Orange

FCO to fill

Apply to troubled Tummy.

*Adjust roller recipes for age, using the dilution guide below:


Next up... spray recipes! My kids love these recipes so I'm sure yours will too.

Monster Away Room Spray

5 drops Balance®

2 drops Citrus Bliss®

Filtered Water

Add oils to spray bottle & top with filtered water. Shake & spray around the room to uplift the attitudes of little monsters in the home


Pumpkin Preserver

10 drops On Guard®

2 drops Tea Tree

Filtered Water

Add to spray bottle and top with filtered water. Shake and mist on the carved pumpkin to help preserve.


Poo Brew Toilet Spray

10 drops Purify

5 drops Tangerine

Filtered Water

Add oils to spray bottle and fill with filtered water. Shake & in the bathroom as needed.


Nightmares Ge Gone

5 drops Juniper Berry

5 drops Lavender

Filtered Water

Add oils to spray bottle and top with filtered water. Shake then spritz on pillows and stuffed animals.


Are you ready for some spooky diffuser blends?

If you do not yet have a diffuser, you can easily make these diffuser blends into room sprays to spritz around the room - you'll get the aromatic benefits and your home will smell great too!


If you are not yet a doTERRA Member, make sure to check my current promo page where you'll find current deals plus info on my exclusive new member welcome package! If you aren't quite ready to get your oils, and you are not currently working with another Wellness Advocate, fill out my sample request form and I'll send you a sample for you to try for your specific needs.

Happy oiling!


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