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Essential Oils to Support Better Sleep Hygiene

Sleep Hygiene refers to healthy habits, behaviors, and environmental factors you can adjust

to assist with a good night’s sleep. This includes your bedroom environment and daily routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep - things like keeping a stable sleep schedule, making your bedroom comfortable and free of distractions, following a relaxing bedtime routine, etc.

Poor sleep effects every other area of our lives so making quality sleep a priority will improve all of those areas as well. During sleep, our bodies are hard at work rebuilding and repairing itself. It’s mending blood vessels, balancing hormones, and maintaining or even boosting the immune system. During sleep, the brain processes the events of the day and prepares itself for another day of learning. When the rest process is cut short, the body can’t properly recuperate, causing problems in the long run. Sleep even impacts apoptosis of cells, helping them adhere to a normal life cycle.

Inadequate sleep over time raises the risk for chronic health problems. It affects how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. It affects your hormones and reproductive system, heart and circulatory system, metabolism, emotional response, respiratory system, and immune system. The good news is because sleep has such a broad, comprehensive impact on health, adequate rest quantity and quality will support improvement in all those areas!

Many essential oils can provide a relaxing, calming environment that’s conducive to sleep: soft, floral aromas like Lavender and Roman Chamomile and grounding, centering aromas like Cedarwood and Sandalwood. To make this easier, doTERRA has an incredible sleep supporting set that takes the guess work of which essential oils to try out.

Our Serenity® Restful Blend is beautiful blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Coriander, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, and Sandalwood essential oils, with Tonka Bean and Vanilla Absolute. Its soothing aroma creates a calm, tranquil atmosphere—perfect for using as part

of an evening routine or bedtime ritual.

doTERRA Serenity® Restful Complex Softgels are a natural sleep solution for occasional sleeplessness. The Serenity Softgels contain Lavender essential oil, which is known for its ability to relax and calm the mind when taken internally. Clinical and experimental research supports ingesting Lavender essential oil to calm the nervous system and promote healthy relaxation and sleep. The softgels also contain lemon balm, passionflower, chamomile, L-Theanine, and tart cherry. All these ingredients are encased in a vegetarian softgel and work together to create a natural formula that encourage restful sleep without leaving you feeling groggy the next day.

doTERRA Serenity® Stick + Valerian serves as a convenient way to apply Serenity Restful Blend topically, and the moisturizing emollients leave your skin feeling soft and non-greasy. This stick includes the Serenity blend as well as Valerian, which supports and enhances the effects of this stick and the essential oil blend, making the overall results of Serenity Restful Blend even more powerful and soothing.

Try this simple nightly routine and wake up refreshed!

About 30 minutes before bed, take a Serenity softgel and diffuse the Serenity essential oil blend (or other sleep supporting oils). Start your bedtime routine, enjoying the aroma of Serenity as you wind down. As you climb into bed, apply the stick, rubbing it into your neck, wrists and/or bottoms of feet. Finish by taking a few deep inhales of the freshly applied aroma, basking in the calming, grounding scent. Then simply close your eyes and drift off for a night of deep, rejuvenating sleep.

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My other favorite nighttime diffuser favorites are:

Some other helpful tips:

  • Be consistent! Try to go to bed and wake up at the same times each day to help your body adjust to a better sleep routine.

  • Try winding down with a relaxing bath before bed, I highly suggest adding Lavender or Serenity to Epsom salt and sprinkle in.

  • Activity during the day supports your internal clock and makes it easier to fall

  • No eating or electronics an hour before bed.

Try the Sleep Set and see how your life transforms!

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