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How To Keep Your Diffuser Running Smoothly

Now that you know Why You Should Use An Essential Oil Diffuser, lets chat about the importance of keeping your diffuser running smoothly and how you can easily make it last for many years.

Take good care of your diffuser by regularly cleaning it. Without proper cleaning, your diffuser

can develop buildup that can shorten its lifespan.

If you're anything like me, you love walking into a room that smells like a bakery because you've got Madagascar Vanilla doing its thing in your diffuser. Or maybe you're more about that spa vibe, with Lavender, Lemon and Rosemary setting the chill mood. But have you ever stopped in your scent tracks because you're pretty sure yesterday's Peppermint is crashing today's Floral party in your diffuser? Yeah, it's a sign your diffuser is due for a spa day of its own.

You can keep it clean and running smoothly by doing a regular wipe-down a couple times a week and a deep clean each month.

Regular Refresh Routine

Couple of times a week, show your diffuser some love:

  • Power down and unplug. Safety first, friends!

  • Empty it out—but make sure to tilt it away from the air outlet.

  • Grab a cotton cloth and give it a splash of white vinegar. Don't forget to use a cotton swab to get into those awkward nooks and crannies around the mist plate.

Deep Clean

Once a month, it's time to get serious:

  • Fill 'er up halfway with water.

  • Add a splash of white vinegar.

  • Let it run wild for five minutes. This is where the magic happens, and that cleaning mix gets to every corner.

  • Drain it out. Bye, bye, gunk!

  • Be a hero with that vinegar-dipped cotton swab—getting into all the corners and tight spots.

  • Rinse with clean water and dry it thoroughly with a cotton cloth to wrap up the spa day.

By staying on top of your diffuser's cleaning schedule, you'll ensure that the only scents mingling in your airspace are the ones you've deliberately chosen. Plus, a clean diffuser is a longer-lasting diffuser, so you can keep the good vibes and great smells rolling without a hitch!

Now check out these diffuser blends and find a new favorite!


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