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Why You Should Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers allows us to experience the aromatic benefits of essential oils through the air. Aromatic use is typically done by breathing in an essential oil directly or placing it in an essential oil diffuser. It’s incredibly easy and allows you to start enjoying the aroma and benefits of an essential oil almost immediately. Their volatile chemical nature creates a near instantaneous response after you breathe in their aromas. Not only is using them aromatically extremely convenient and simple, it also offers immediate benefits.

Diffusing pure essential oils is an incredible way to improve mood, increase energy, open airways for clear breathing, support the immune system, reduce unsavory smells in a room, help to actually clean the air... literally all the things! When we breathe in natural compounds from essential oils, they hit our olfactory nerve and the olfactory nerve sends signals to the limbic system which in turn sends signals to the rest of our body. This can happen with essential oils in as little as 30 seconds!

Diffusing a citrus oil like Lemon or Citrus Bliss can almost immediately improve the moods of everyone in the home! Diffusing our Breathe oil blend will quickly help open up airways and help us have clear breathing! We use oils aromatically every time we feel like we need a deep breath - stress & anxious feelings, mood & relaxation, calming & sleep, open airways & respiratory support. We also diffuse when we need extra immune support or help cleaning the air in our home.

When using essential oils to support your family's health and wellness, it is important that you choose pure oils - oils that have nothing added to them and are sourced where that particular plant thrives. For that reason, I only recommend doTERRA oils. I have been using various essential oils for over 20 years and after trying doTERRA oils 10 years ago, there is simply no others that compare to their quality.

When starting out diffusing, using doTERRA's blends is a great option. I highly suggest the Aroma Essentials set which includes 10 of our most diffused blends + the Laluz diffuser, which has an 8 hour run time!

If the Aroma Essentials is out of your budget, I created a few other sets that are more targeted:

To help reduce stress and uplift moods: Laluz Diffuser + Adaptiv + Citrus Bloom

To support your family's immune system: Laluz Diffuser + On Guard + Breathe

Happy diffusing!


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